Since I was a child I used to always ask why and build anything with everything I found.


I later decided to pursue a Master's degree in Architecture because I wanted to consolidate my passion for understanding how things work, designing, and making.

Shortly after one year of consulting, I seriously felt the need of learning more about UX research and age-friendly design.

I then applied for a scholarship and got enrolled in a European Ph.D. in UX Design (University of Genova - IT and Loughborough University - UK).

Once I internalized the importance of people in the design process I moved to Ireland at Technological University Dublin as a Postdoc research fellow in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, working on UX research and Human-Centered Assistive Technology.

Amazed by technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship I founded the Irish startup Déan Design Lab, focused on delivering safety and comfort for everyday cyclists with the award-winning product TAILT.

Later on, I moved to the USA, as a Fulbright research fellow at Stanford University working as a UX researcher at the Center for Design Research with Prof. Larry Leifer and later as a UX Design Researcher at the Autonomous System Laboratory with Prof. Marco Pavone.

My latest adventure started at the University of Cambridge as a Marie Marie Skłodowska-Curie senior UX research fellow working with Prof. P. J. Clarkson, helping designers to create environments that guarantee inclusivity, diversity, equity, and accessibility.


During my academic and working experience I’ve been nominated as NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland) Chairman for the development of a new ISO standard on Universal Design and Ageing Societies, Chair at AHFE International, expert member in various international committees and advisory boards (NSAI, EIP on AHA, TN SHAFE, ADM International), expert reviewer for several conferences, editorial journals and international bodies (Fulbright-Schuman), mentor (Open IDEO, Lead The Future, and SAGE Global Challenge) and recognized as coach and speaker worldwide.


  • Winner 14th International Design Awards - Silver Award for HANDY and TAILT.

  • Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowship - European Commission.

  • Fulbright fellowship - U.S.A. Government.

  • Future Leading Lights Award from the Irish Road Safety Authority - Ireland.

  • Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher - Ireland.

  • Emerging Scholar Award, International Conference on Design Principles and Practices – George Brown College, Toronto - Canada.

  • National Health Informatics Society of Ireland award - Ireland.

  • First prize, National Italian Award “ETIC” from AICA and Rotary International - Italy.

  • First prize, Best Innovative Research Idea, at the Fifth Italian Conference on Ambient Assisted Living - Italy.

What I do:

  • I understand peoples’ needs through inclusive user research, qualitative research methods, and critical thinking.

  • I discover insights to help design the strategy, visualize and prototype futuristic solutions.

  • I develop design requirements,  best practices, guidelines, policies through technical writing, reviewing and reporting.

  • I connect individuals, inspire people and share knowledge and design outcomes with optimism and energy.