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IDA 20-Silver badge.jpg

Silver Award

14th International Design Awards 2020


The smart bicycle fender

for all cyclists


Bicycling has become so popular over the last few years, however, cyclists often feel unsafe. Wet and dirty roads, no visible lights, no turn signals, low battery capacity, easy to steal lights and limited daylight hours, make cycling dangerous.

As passionate cyclists we know how important is to be seen from all directions, communicate the intention to turn, rely on our equipment and protect our-self from water, dirt and other road users.

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TAILT is an award-winning smart bicycle fender with integrated hi-visibility tail light, brake light function and turn signals that provides safety, comfort and improved visibility from all directions for all cyclists.

Tailt was first born in 2016 after months of user research, observation, focus groups, competitor benchmarking, prototyping, usability testing and designed based on human centered design principles to fulfill the goals of safe, comfortable cycling for commuters, professional bicycle riders and leisure cyclists.


Tailt cad.png


IDA 20-Silver badge.jpg

TAILT senses when the cyclist slows down or turns and safely signals the actions in order to make cycling safer, more comfortable and fun. Settings can be controlled, activated and deactivated by the user-friendly TAILT App.

How it works



Tailt is a result of a team effort under the Irish startup Déan Design Lab with Paul Leamy, Kevin Tighe, Paul Banhanan, Damon Berry, Andrew Marsh and collaboration with Orwell Wheelers Dublin, Enterprise Ireland, TU Dublin Hothouse and Sparrowatch.

The hard work was recognized internationally with the prestigious Silver Award from the 14th International Design Awards competition in the category Outdoor and Exercise Equipment for Bicycle and Bicycle Accessories and the

Future Leading Lights Award from the Road Safety Authority of Ireland.

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