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Silver Award

14th International Design Awards 2020

The open source tool to slow the spread of COVID-19


COVID-19 has rapidly spread around the world and objects around us can accelerate virus transmission.

How can we safely interact with daily routines, avoiding to touch objects across public space, reducing the number of disposable items and protecting our health?



Handy is an award-winning multipurpose personal device, born as an open source response for the COVID-19 pandemic, to allow contactless interaction with daily routine objects.


Handy is a perfect everyday assistive tool to pull or push a door handle, to open the car door, to push a button, to easily hold grocery bags and much more.


Handy is available as large version, open source, 3D printable, ready for DIY, easy to use for several tasks or for purchase as small version, a keychain to take always with you.


*The keychain version will be available for purchase soon, contact me here.


what people say

Handy has received the prestigious Silver Award from the14th International Design Awards competition.

It was mentioned by the jury as a genius innovation in the category Design for Society and for Social Impact.

More information at IDA Design Awards.

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