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Talking about the future of Design in Palo Alto, CA

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

On Wednesday January 15th, the ISSNAF - Italian Scientists and Scholars in North America Foundation organized in the Bay Area the first annual meeting and invited me to talk about my latest work.

At Printers Cafè, in Palo Alto, close to Stanford University scholars and scientists joined an evening of networking, idea spreading, discussion and cross-pollination.

Surrounded by a physicist building quantum computers, a molecular biologist explaining how our body is built, and a material engineer showing off how to innovate with light, I had the honor to present one of my latest research findings, after years of collaborations and research projects.

The talk focusing on the ability of people to become designers of their own solutions started from showing a snapshot of today’s world.

Democratization of Design knowledge is spreading all over the world and people are finding ways to make their own designs and adjust solutions to their own pains.

However, there is still a huge creative-confidence gap when people have to find ways to effectively solve their problems. Designers and engineers have to address this gap by empowering everybody to become creative thinkers and designers of their own solutions.

By following theories of famous designers and practices from various companies a new manifesto for inclusivity, flexibility and adaptability was shown first in public at the ISSNAF event.

The manifesto states how to enable engineers and designers to create flexible designs as well as how to empower citizens to tailor-make solutions meeting their specific needs.

A remarkable evening, with brilliant minds, inspiring people and the best pizza of the Bay Area.

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