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The Consumer Electronic Show - CES2020 Las Vegas

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

After four days spent in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronic Show 2020 I’m wrapping up a couple of thoughts and inspirations I find meaningful for designers, innovators, scientists, researchers and who else is interested in the world of tomorrow.

The numbers of CES are: more than 4,500 exhibiting companies, more than 170,000 attendees from the consumer electronic domain, one exhibition hall fully dedicated to startups: Eureka Park with approximately 1,200 companies.

CES is a real injection of future innovation in to your body, brain and soul.

Just to give you some personal numbers: I walked an average of 14.5 miles, burnt more than 1650 calories and talked with an average of more than 50 people a day.

In a couple of worlds: CES is mind blowing.

But lets go back to business and lets narrow down the biggest #Design and #Innovation #Trends for the future I have seen at CES this year:

1_ Technology is pervading built environment and mobility systems: companies are ready to measure and analyze bio-metric data and develop predictions based on our emotions - aka EmotionalAI. #Askey #Google #Panasonic

It will be all about User Experience, with personalization of TV frames by #Samsung, home robotic collaborative platforms and sustainable reuse of packaging of technology goods.

2_ The way people and goods move will drastically change. Car manufacturers are all rushing towards autonomous cars: in-cabin immersive interfaces and communication with the surrounding environment through leds, screens, projections integrated in vehicle’s body it's already happening. Micro mobility in urban areas is fostered by the use of electric motors. #Ford #MercedesBenz #Toyota #Byton #Nissan #Mitsubishi

Roads are not enough for moving people and goods: flying vehicles will change how cities are planned and how fast and efficiently we move. #BellIndustries #HyundaiUber

Our travel experience as customers will change with #ParallelRealityDisplays from #DeltaAirlines delivering simultaneously to hundreds of people personalized flight information using only one screen.

3_ People will spend time differently. From work, to free time, to family time, all will be about entertainment and being multitasking. Companies are developing products connected to each other and controlled easily via #Alexa and #GoogleAssistant.

Meetings will happen in #AugmentedReality and #VirtualReality and immersive #Gaming will be part of daily life. #Panasonic

4_ #5G connectivity and #BigData are at the heart of #SmartCities development. Fast connectivity delivered by #Verizon #TMobile #AT&T will continue in 2020 nationwide, providing access over a greater area. Companies like #Lenovo announced the launch in spring 2020 of the Yoga 5G two-in-one device, which it says is the first 5G PC.

This was my second time at CES and I confess there is no better place where to take a shot of current times in terms of technology development. At CES there is a lot to see, it's hard to catch up with all trends, innovations and products we'll see on the market. Many people think it is an event specifically for businessman, decision makers, influencers, buyers or investors (which is completely true). However, I think researchers, innovators, creative people with a foundational interest in tech industry, must spend a couple of days in the Sin City to meet people who develop the technology, talk to them and get inspired to create better, inclusive, accessible products for the future.

See you next time Vegas.

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