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IoT Recipes

Internet of Things-based recipes


How can we demystify the use of smart devices to empower people’s life?


This research aims to enhance inclusion and wellbeing by using web-based service applications, established on the paradigm “If This, Then, That”, to facilitate the use of connected devices for older citizens.

IoT-based recipes empower people to be in control of their own needs by automatizing processes between sensors and actuators, benefiting from off-the-shelf connected home devices.

The research focused on developing prototype solutions for the use of certain connected devices to address four specific Activities of Daily Living: waking up, toileting (using the toilet, having a shower, etc..), eating/hydrating, and taking medicines.



Internet of Things-based recipes heavily impacts on everydays’ people file. Recipes have the potential to become a User Experience facilitator for people who are not familiar with connected devices and want to have a supportive tool that improves their knowledge and use of sensors and actuators.

Usability testing and questionnaires measured the impact with full validation of the concept for future development of an affordable, inclusive library created with the specific purpose of connecting devices to support Activities of Daily Living (ADL) for a wide range of users.


My role

As a principal investigator, I led a team of research assistants and Ph.D. researchers from Technological University Dublin to frame the research proposition and collaborated to deploy user research through qualitative research methods (observation, case study research, focus groups, one-to-one interviews, and workshops with stakeholders). My knowledge of design tools (Adobe suite, AutoCAD, and Qualtrics) supported the whole development process of the project. Published material can be found here.

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