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Smart exercise equipment


How many times you wanted to record your session, learn more about physical activities and improve your health while doing outdoor sport?


BeAlive enables people to connect their smartphone or wearable device with outdoor gym exercise machines and receive guidance and feedback for improving wellbeing in accordance with Sustainable Development Goals. The co-designed project, developed with tPOT research group, under TU Dublin, and Dublin City Council fostered the deployment of prototypes that allowed public domain ecosystems to become smarter, inclusive, and easier to use for different community members.


BeAlive, composed of a smart device and user interface, was welcomed as a successful enabler for outdoor physical activity.

The idea behind the use of outdoor gym exercise machines in specific outdoor areas in Dublin's urban environment leveraged affordable and reliable connected technologies to make people aware of the importance of outdoor physical activities and sports.

The project was considered a leading concept that developed further mechanisms of community building within the City Council.

Protoype_Gym beacon.jpg

My role

As a research investigator, I led a team of two Master's students through the design thinking process for the development of the user experience of the service (need-finding, user research, prototyping) and coordinated the data collection stage and prototype development for the software and technology. As a designer, I developed mockups, product design, user testing, and the final delivery of the project.

Published material can be found here.

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