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IDEA Audit

A mixed-method tool to help professionals and organizations to gather people’s perception of inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility.

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The IDEA Audit is a flexible tool that helps you to deeply understand the perception people have about inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility in an organization or a building and informs with data your future design actions.

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Use the IDEA Audit with your clients and in your organization

With the IDEA Audit you can discover about demographic, cultural and attitudinal information about your clients or the people at your organization.

You can understand their perception about comfort, ergonomics, access, maintenance and more in relation to the built environment.

You can uncover how people engage with diversity and inclusion, how is their mental and physical well-being status, what motivates them and much more.

With the data report you’ll find essential information to create a bespoke design strategy to make people feel included and thrive.

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How to use it

You can choose to run a pulse (6 min) survey, or an in-depth (17 min) survey to take a snapshot of people’s views and perceptions before you start a new design process or implement a new strategy.

You can also use them to discover how people feel after you delivered a new building, completed a project, or implemented a new policy in your company. With the data and the report, you can uncover challenges and points of exclusion people experience and plan your next strategy to tackle them.

If the surveys highlight countless challenges, you can run a mixed-method audit, with observation, interviews, and environmental measurements, with the support of an expert, to truly unlock the potential of Inclusive Design.

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Start using it now

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IDEA Audit_options.png


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