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User Experience for humans, or robots? Talk and visit at the Italian Institute of Technology

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

The first time when you see the humanoid robot iCUB moving towards you and behaving like a human is a breathless experience. This was the fortunate moment I had during my visit at the facility of IIT (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia) on December 19, 2019, while talking about my experiences dealing with UX Design. The talk and discussion was a perfect fit for the work developed for decades from researchers of IIT.

The evolution of UX Design, with the introduction of deep understanding of user needs through psychology and cognitive sciences, leads designers and engineers to strongly innovate on usability, affordance and customer satisfaction of recently marketed products, services and technologies. Considering the massive amount of design knowledge available, which is the best approach to follow when we design?

After the invitation from the Scientific Director Prof. Giorgio Metta, I framed the talk as an open discussion aiming to showcase holistic case studies of Participatory Design applications and how to inclusively involve the people by offering inspirational inputs, pose questions and stimulate creative thinking for robot interface design.

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