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My first book: Senior Housing

After years of research, international collaborations, and work as a consultant I decided to write my first book together with a close friend of mine, Oscar from Treviso.

After years of collaborations, we understood the importance of sharing knowledge and ideas with other people who are experiencing challenges we studied and analyzed across the years.

To present the preview of our book, edited by Maggioli Editore, one of the largest Italian publishers, we were invited as speakers to the eight "Forum della Non autosufficienza e dell’autonomia possible", held in bologna on November 24th and 25th at the Hotel Savoia Regency.

The event was attended by more than 600 visitors from the healthcare sector with a specific interest in providing care and health services to older adults and people with disabilities.

We had the opportunity to brainstorm case studies and data from our work and to present the book Senior housing we wrote this past year to an audience of more than 50 people.

In the book, there is insightful information about the current international scenario on population aging and the demand for assistive homes, the challenges people experience, and important data regarding future market and welfare needs across Europe and Italy.

We believe this book will strongly interest the reader as the central section provides practical suggestions to solve some of the bigger challenges related to autonomy and wellbeing at home.

The final part of the book is focused on providing additional information regarding financial models to support families and individuals to rethink the way they live in their apartments and houses, and how to financially design and manage plans to guarantee the quality of life, financial stability, and psychosocial safety.

We look forward to the book release in January 2022 and stay tuned for the link to download the e-book or buy the paper version.

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