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Inclusive Design is about inspiring a design for all. Accessibility Hackathon 2021

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

After one year I got contacted by the University College London Tech society and the Project Impactive to share again my experience and the results of a year of research at the 2021 Accessibility Hackathon. Project Impactive is a well-known initiative, awarded with the Princess Diana Award for its impact on the community. The Accessibility Hackathon run between 6-12 September 2021 is an online event that promotes accessible technological innovation and research among the UCL community of young creators.

It is a great opportunity to share experiences and inspire prospective students to develop accessible and inclusive ideas, as well as design and build prototypes with the goal of creating social value.

It is easy to get into the busy working routine and miss opportunities including when we have to give a talk a seminar or simply a class, however, I strongly encourage every designer, researcher, and simply every one of us to give back and think about the importance of sharing ideas with others.

As a researcher and designer, I believe it is extremely important to find time to inspire students, share experiences, and allow younger generations to thrive.

Thriving is about allowing people to do well and be successful, healthy, and strong.

Once we understand the importance to support and help other people thriving, we understand the meaning of giving back.

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