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My book on designing housing for seniors

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

One of the latest efforts to bring the knowledge developed across the past few years of research in various academic settings and with various businesses is the publication of my book ‘Housing a Misura di Senior’ available on Amazon.

During my early studies for my master’s degree and Ph.D., I worked on several research topics connected to accessibility and inclusion focusing on discovering the needs of people with different abilities.

Some of the most interesting problems that needed to be solved were rooted in the big questions raised by the JPI program ‘More Years, Better Lives’ from the European Commission.

This program, founded in 2012 dealt with several challenges that the population aging and the low birth rate of our society carried as big questions to be tackled to guarantee prosperity for future generations.

During my postdocs and research fellowship across different academic institutions across the world, I was able to collect an array of experiences, data, and knowledge that I strongly believe needed to be shared not just through academic publications but also with accessible, easy-to-read books.

Along my journey, I met a professional, Dr. Oscar Zanutto who manages several branches of one of the most successful social service facilities in northern Italy. After countless meetings, hundreds of conversations, and several collaborations, we decided to summarize our expertise and knowledge in the book housing for seniors.

Housing for seniors is a book that explains the value of living in an environment that is accessible, comfortable, and inclusive. Through law and regulatory references and examples, the reader can learn how to better design places that guarantee a high standard of life by enhancing the living experience.

As we talk about access, future opportunities for an aging population, and support, we wanted to carry those principles with the book and its publication, which is why we made it affordable and accessible for everyone.

You can find the book on different online stores on Amazon, Maggioli, IBS.

Don’t forget to get yours and discover how can you start building an age-proof life!

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