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Designing a good


The Metaverse is a promising technology,

however, it is not clearly defined yet.

Companies are trying to address the challenge of

designing safe and inclusive virtual immersive environments.

"By 2026 a quarter of people living on Earth will be spending at least an hour a day in the Metaverse and 30% of the organizations in the world will have products and services ready for the Metaverse1"


Research lies at the roots of discovery

To discover how can we maximize opportunities to deliver a safe, inclusive Metaverse that is accessible and guarantees equity and diversity for all, I led a research project at the Inclusive Design Group at the University of Cambridge.

I interviewed industry leaders and top experts from some of the largest tech corporate businesses in the world with expertise in digital immersive technologies and virtual environments to understand their perspectives, brainstorm ideas, and discover new future scenarios.

Research Metaverse-01.png

Here's what we have found

It was clear from the start that allowing the community to comprehend the Metaverse is fundamental.

When people are aware of its potential, the impact of safety, wellbeing, privacy, and integrity comes into place. Letting people to seamlessly access the Metaverse by guaranteeing social equity and diversity and opportunities to attract representations of diverse communities are the ultimate goal to design a Metaverse that works for all of us.

Discover more in the Cambridge technical report.

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We are living in the immersive technology renaissance.

How can we maximize this opportunity?


Ten principles for designing a good Metaverse

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What's next?

The Metavethics

Metaverse ethics, sometimes known as "Metavethics", concerns ethical challenges and opportunities that occur within and around the Metaverse, a digital immersive environment.

Check it out.

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Curious about the Metaverse?

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