The open source tool to slow the spread of COVID-19


COVID-19 is rapidly spreading around the world and objects around us can accelerate virus transmission.

How can we protect our self when we interact with daily routines without touching or getting too close to objects across public spaces?


Handy multipurpose tool is an open source, 3D-printed, resilient response to COVID-19 outbreaks to be used on a daily basis.


"Use Handy every day to pull or push a door handle, to open the car door, to push a button and to easily grab grocery bags so we can aim to decrease COVID-19 spread."


You can 3D print Handy at home, choose an online 3D printing service, or experiment with different making technologies such as a laser cutter or CNC machining.

build it

For those who are creative Handy can be manufactured by cutting and gluing together layers of cardboard or any material you would like to experiment. Download the printable drawing and have fun.

Use your creativity to make it work.

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