Inclusive Graphical User Interface


Older people strongly want to be included as technology users, however they can easily get discouraged when interacting with a non-familiar Graphical User Interface (GUI) of certain smartphones.

There are some solutions on the market, specifically designed for small user groups, but the stigmatization for not being able to adopt a popular, wide spread device, makes older adults feel excluded and discriminated technology users.


"We need to make things not just easy, but simple".

Simple GUI is a mock-up of an accessible and flexible Graphical User Interface to facilitate peoples' first interaction with Android or Apple smartphones.



Case study analysis, observation, focus group, Design Thinking workshop and structured survey were some of the qualitative research methods used to investigate the impact of learning experiences with the goal to increase digital literacy.



Under settings, a simple toggle switches the GUI from ‘original’ to ‘simplified’ mode where selected apps and features - on the basis of customer research - are embedded in one screen page with larger icons and text size.

how it works

Focus Group_1.jpg
New interface_Apple.jpg
New interface_Android.jpg

what people say

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