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Navigating the UX Landscape: Insights from my UX Design course

Embarking on a journey into the ever-evolving world of UX Design and UX Research, I am delighted to share my learnings and the feedback from students after another quarter of delivering the UX Design class at the University of Cambridge's Institute of Continuing Education.

This fully online experience aims to disseminate knowledge of UX Design and UX Research principles, develop awareness about methods and tools, and underscore the importance of empathy in collaborative design processes.

The course not only serves as a gateway to becoming a UX Designer or Researcher but also provides opportunities to explore inspirational tools, materials, and concepts to enhance creative, problem-solving, and evidence-based design skills.

The feedback from this year's participants resonates with the theme of discovery, bridging gaps for designers, establishing a clear path for understanding UX, and fostering gratitude. Participants expressed enthusiasm for the course, emphasizing the expansive nature of the subject. They praised the meticulously curated reading and watching materials, acknowledging how the captivating six-week exploration ignited their passion for UX Design and Research.

But let's discover how UX Design and Research can positively influence your carer path in the world of tech, problem solving and creativity.

Discovering the vastness of UX

Participants shared their enthusiasm for the course, highlighting the expansive nature of the subject. A standout feature was the meticulously curated reading and watching materials that accompanied each lecture.

The course ignited passion for UX Design and Research and broadened the understanding of their applications in various fields.

Reflections on the course described it as a refreshing journey into the basics of UX with well-prepared content, including videos, links, and complementary information, underscored the course's thoroughness.

Bridging the gap for designers: new and experienced

Acknowledging the course's significance for both experienced designers and newcomers, participants appreciated its effective coverage of UX basics.

The course was seen as a gateway to a new world, emphasizing the importance of understanding user-centered design as a study into people's lives and needs.

Thanks to this classes I became passionate about UX and much more aware of how important it is. If fascinates me how this given knowledge can be applied in fine arts, architecture, technology or computer science. Joanna

A Clear Path to better understanding UX

Participants found the course exceptionally useful and informative, providing a clear understanding of UX design's goals, objectives, and structure.

The hands-on exploration in the "UX review" class was singled out as a valuable component. Interest in delving into UX research in future courses showcased the course's ability to spark curiosity and pave the way for continued learning.

The course went beyond delivering knowledge; it instilled passion, broadened perspectives, and equipped students with the skills to navigate the dynamic realm of UX Design and Research.

The course was very useful and informative for me, it helped me to understand and clearly define the goals, objectives, and structure of UX processes, as well as to think about how to plan my activities in this field to be effective and to think about what kind of knowledge and experience is needed for this profession. Alisa

Gaining perspective and expressing gratitude

Feedback echoed sentiments of gratitude to those involved, highlighting the fundamental point of gaining perspective on how products or services are experienced by users.

The critical aspect of user segmentation added depth to the course's impact, underscoring a sense of community and collaboration during the learning journey.

The course itself has been very well prepared with videos, links and complementary information regarding UX Design.I am really happy for this course and definitely will recommend it to anyone interested in UX Design. Victor

The UX Design course at the University of Cambridge's Institute of Continuing Education has left a lasting impact on its participants.

The feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive, indicating a high level of satisfaction and success in meeting their expectations.

I'm so grateful that students appreciated my passion for sharing experiences on UX as 100% of respondents strongly agree on the instructor's exceptional preparedness and genuine interest.

The unanimous agreement (100% strongly agreeing) on the cohesive course structure underscores the effectiveness of the course design.

Furthermore, the impact of instructional materials is evident, with all participants (100% strongly agreeing) expressing that these resources significantly increased their knowledge of UX Design.

The unanimous agreement on a clear understanding of concepts (100% strongly agreeing) highlights the course's success in promoting comprehension and clarity regarding UX design principles.

It is all about gratitude

In summary, I'm deeply grateful for the opportunities to share the experiences and learnings I gained through my professional journey and to receive such positive feedback from students.

As the course comes to an end, I eagerly anticipate the next session in 2024!

Don't miss the chance to sign up for the next UX Design course!


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