We would like you to participate to a 45-minute online interview.

The results from the interviews will help the team to inform decisions in order to develop a decision-making toolkit that will support designers to design more accessible and inclusive environments that can support people to live a better life.


With this interview we would like to understand:

The general attitude on working practice (designing, dealing with client/user, using creativity).

Knowledge on Accessibility, Diversity, Equity & Inclusive Design.

The relationship with client/user and their perception on Accessibility, Diversity, Equity & Inclusive Design.

Challenges when designing inclusively.

What features/characteristics should be part of a IDEA-centred environment.


We understand that participating to this study might be a big effort for you.

However, we promise that by sharing your experience and thoughts you will engage in conversations with passionate people, you will get inspired to innovate in your work with your team, you will be able to ask all the questions you want and learn more about IDEA, regulations, and other related projects, you will be the first to receive updates on research findings and you will be part of a ground-breaking community on inclusion and diversity by connecting with thought leaders from all over the world.

Please book a 45 mins slot with me through the calendar below.

Then download and read the Participant’s information sheet and make sure you sign and send over to me the Consent form before we start the interview.

WHAT to do

Thank you for your interest

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